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On 8 June 2013 the expanded working meeting of advocates’ self-government bodies’ executives took place under the supervision of Lidiya Izovitova Head of Ukrainian National Bar Association.  

During the event Valentyn Zagariya, Chairman of the Higher Qualification and Disciplinary Bar Commission, moderated session “On the issues arising during the passing qualification exams” and spoke at the session “On the issue arising during disciplinary procedures applied to advocates”.

The event’s agenda was focused on activities of the regional advocates’ self-government bodies. Discussion touched upon business correspondence; problems arising out at the  qualification exams; permission to pass exams and evaluation technique implemented to the results; improving advocates’ professional qualities for effective human rights protection; problems which arise during the probation period; advocate’s assistants. Meanwhile, another important area of focus was provision of pro bono services as well as current situation around administering Unified register of advocates of Ukraine and payment of the annual fees to ensure self government bodies’ execution of powers.

After the meeting Valentyn Zagariya said: “The event passed in a lively polemical style, issues that have to be considered by regional advocates self government bodies were raised during the meeting. From the Higher Qualification and Disciplinary Bar Commission side, one of the most important issues is a considerable number of appeals on a lack of activity of regional Qualification and Disciplinary Bar Commissions. I would encourage colleagues to be more responsible while performing their duties”.