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According to the information provided by Deputy Chairman of the Commission Oleg Beliaev on July 25, 2014 he was attacked by unknown assailants during the investigative action on the place where crime occurred (illegal seizure of the land property) in Rokytianskyi district of Kyiv region, where Mr. Beliaev was present due to his professional duties.

“During the investigation of the land plot conducted by an investigative officer in Rokytianskyi district of Kyiv region, where I was present as advocate, unknown individuals approached me and started threatening me in a very aggressive way. After that I was attacked by them. By these actions my professional rights were breached as well as guarantees of advocates’ activities specified by the Article 23 of the Law of Ukraine “On the Bar and Advocacy”, commented Mr. Beliaev.

Probably, the assailants illegally took the advocate’s personal belongings into possession, as after the incident he noticed absence of his mobile phone. The violation took place during the total inactivity of the present enforcement officials, while the police did not arrive to the crime place after it was called.

Head of the Commission Valentyn Zagariya commented on the situation around advocate Mr. Beliaev: “Attorney’s self governance bodies will take all necessary measures to clear up the situation around an assault against Mr. Beliaev. Entrenchments on attorney’s rights became the routine practice nowadays, while life, health, honor and dignity of an attorney and of his/her family members, as well as their property are under protection of the state, and any encroachments thereupon shall entail liability established by law. That is why the law enforcement authorities must take immediate rigorous actions in case the fact of the offence on life and health of advocate Mr. Beliaev during execution of his official duties is confirmed. This incident is another signal for further strengthening responsibility for interference in attorney’s professional activity, which is prescribed by the Law of Ukraine “On the Bar and Advocacy”.

Head of the Commission prepared an official appeal regarding mentioned violations of the guarantees of the attorney’s activity to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Vitaliy Yarema with the request to take measures to ensure prosecution of the responsible persons as set out by law.