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The Higher Audit Commission of the Bar (HACB) inspected Higher Qualifications and Disciplinary Bar Commission (HQDBC) and gave conclusions as to observance of the Law of Ukraine “On the Bar and Practice of Law” (Art. 53) and the requirements of legislation about the conduct of financially-economic activity for the last three years.

Verification was conducted by HACB for period from January, 1, 2010 for March, 3, 2014.

A certificate on verification results includes for itself the analysis of income of Commission, balance (material and non-material assets), debts and expenses of HQDBC.

The auditors also provided a number of recommendations regarding, in particular, optimization of expenses on holding sessions of HQDBC, maintaining the state, software, transmission or indemnification of property and obtaining on demand from the former leaders of the Commission the book-keeping documentation.

HQDBC Chairman Valentin Zagariya, commented on his decision to make public conclusions of the HACB: “The Commission activity is transparent. We make no secret of the facts why and what for lawyers funds were spent. In my opinion, it is one of the prerequisites for trust, a kind of “indicator” that that represents, as far as an HQDBC is protected from abuse by management”.

The conclusion of Higher Audit Commission of the Bar verification results is available here.